Box Inc. ($BOX) reported a less-than-expected loss as well as revenue that exceeded estimates yesterday after the close (3/9/16); the company also reported guidance that was better than estimates. The stock gaped up 15 percent in the after-hours following the report. As you can see from my notes from the morning, I had $14 and $14.50 as levels I was watching on the upside, which had acted as prior resistance levels (see chart below).


$BOX 3.10.16 (morning notes)


$BOX 3.10.16 (daily)

While the intraday fundamentals of the stock were bullish (i.e., earnings/revenue/guidance better than expected), what made me begin to favor the short was seeing the stock fail at the $14.50 resistance (mentioned above) both in the after-hours and then again in the pre-market (see chart below).

$BOX 3.10.16 (5min with premarket)

My trading plan for the open was to look for another potential spike and failure up towards that $14.50 level to short into and look for an initial move lower to pre-market support. I put out an offer to get short before the market opened that unfortunately never got hit. As you can see from the 1 minute chart below, the stock drove lower after an initial failure at $14.40. Once I saw the stock drive lower and get below VWAP, I got short after seeing the stock fail to hold above $14 on the tape. At that point, I was ideally looking for the gap fill towards that $12.70-$13 that I outlined in my morning notes. You can see my trade management in the 1 minute chart below. Admittedly, I did cover a bit early! 😉

$BOX 3.10.16 (1min)


Shorted $BOX on the open. #Intraday

— Jake Huska (@MarketPicker) Mar. 10 at 09:45 AM

Took covers in intraday $BOX short into $13.20. #Intraday

— Jake Huska (@MarketPicker) Mar. 10 at 10:00 AM

Covered rest of $BOX intraday short, flat. #Intraday

— Jake Huska (@MarketPicker) Mar. 10 at 10:12 AM

Will try to do a post on why I focused on the short in $BOX on the open. #Intraday

— Jake Huska (@MarketPicker) Mar. 10 at 10:23 AM

The point of this post is that while I generally try to trade in the direction of the intraday fundamentals, the price action will ultimately determine how I trade. While trading in the direction of the intraday fundamentals can have greater expectancy, the intraday price action dictates my entries, exits, and stops.


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